Interesting events in the online gambling industry

According to the Game Strategies by Granta reviews, with advancements in the high-tech field such as cryptocurrencies, live casino games such as Egyptian Emeralds Powerplay Slot and more; game operators can maximize platforms while providing an unforgettable betting experience resembling that of real casinos. In addition, new trends arise from time to -time especially when it comes down branding or titles which can give you insights into what’s hot among gamers right now!

Sports betting in Canada

AGCO/iGaming Ontario

Canada had a big year in 2022 with the legalization of single-game sports betting. But this new era could also bring great progress, as Bill C218 made it legal across Canada last October!

  • It is expected that Ontario will open its commercial sports betting market to private sports betting operators like Vegasoo Casino at the beginning of the year. This will allow local sports bettors to choose from a wider variety of sports betting operators. Currently, sports betting in Ontario is only available through the government-owned Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s PROLINE+, at least legally.
  • The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) is planning to launch a new mobile sports betting site sometime next year. SIGA is a non-profit organization with a mandate to create jobs and economic opportunities for the First Nations community.SIGA has closed its request for proposals procedure and is expected to choose a supplier at the beginning of the year. Once the winning bid is announced, the new sports betting site is expected to launch within six months.
  • In Nova Scotia, game strategies by Granta and sports betting on individual matches could also be launched this year. The province has yet to launch despite legalization nationwide last year. The NovaScotia government’s program for 2022 will focus on the rules related to sports betting in Nova Scotia.

AGCO/iGaming Ontario

The Government of Ontario has announced that it will be working with the AGCO and iGaming to create an open sports betting market in Canada. There is much pressure on these bodies, as they review applications from dozens of private operators who want a legal framework for their operations set up across all Canadian provinces.

With high-profile betting events such as The Super Bowl and winter Olympics coming up in February 2022, private operators are already lobbying for approvals from AGCO/iGaming Ontario. It all depends on an announcement by next year’s government that will determine whether or not they get into competition with one another over customers within the province of Canada. It is quite obvious why this passage has been written the way that it does because there needs to be detailed about what happened up until now plus hints.

Sports betting continues to collaborate with professionals

The Canadian sports betting market is expanding at an unprecedented pace, and this trend will continue into 2022. The Ottawa Senators became the first NHL team to have a gaming sponsor on their helmets when PointsBet signed an agreement with Curling Canada earlier this year; Sports Interaction has now become partners in lacrosse too – becoming official gambling buddies for all things football ( CFL ) plus points-based hockey gameplay at odds makers Pinnacle. And BetRegal’s partnership includes being associated as suppliers towards horse racing events.

AGCO/iGaming Ontario