Grant Neufeld

Community activist for social and environmental justice.

Grant Neufeld’s Brief Biography

I was born and raised in Alberta, and moved to Calgary at a very young age.

A computer programmer by trade, I left the corporate work world to place all of my focus on my community activism.

I spent a number of years working on Calgary Dollars and other projects at the Arusha Centre.

Community Activism

I have been involved in social justice and environmental activism for most of my life, having started my life-long dedication to volunteerism as a child. I continue to be very active in a wide range of issues and community projects, especially anti-poverty, anti-oppression, environment, peace, community development and pro-democracy work.

I have been involved in numerous causes and projects ranging from very short-term efforts of very small groups, to massive efforts (G8 protests, anti-war marches) and long-term work. In this, I have had a diverse range of roles, including co-ordinator, facilitator, liaison with governments/police, mediator, mentor, instructor, marshall, sound tech, editor, designer, and setup/cleanup detail.

A few highlights:

In 1999, I created the community network service which I ran as a volunteer for a number of years until having to step away from it from exhaustion. In late 2011, I started rebuilding the service which continues to this day.

In 2001, I founded the Revolutionary Knitting Circle, a loosely-knit group dedicated to building community independence and bringing diverse people together—using knitting and dialogue.

In 2007, I started the Calgary Democracy project to try to provide comprehensive access to information about candidates and parties in local elections.


I worked with the Green Party in Calgary in the early 1990’s, but fell away from that for a long-time due to burn-out. I became active again in the Green Party of Alberta in 2003. At the 2004 provincial convention, I was elected President of the Party (not to be confused with the position of party “Leader”). I served in that capacity for a full two-year term.

In the fall of 2004, I ran as the Green Party candidate in the Alberta provincial election in the riding of Calgary Buffalo.

Over the years, I have worked with political campaigns at all three levels of government, and in three different provinces.

I have also contributed to the development of Green Party policies over many years now.

In 2017, I have begun a campaign for leader of the Green Party of Alberta.